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WorldSkitest 2015/16
March 24th - 27th, 2015
SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental, Scheffau

Gruppenbild2015Many famous testers came to Scheffau to perform the testing:
Numerous international, actual and former athletes such as Max Franz, Bernadettte Schild, Cornelia Hütter, Reinfried Herbst, Vincent Kriechmayr, Thomas Krautschneider, the newly crowned SkiCross World Champion Andrea Limbacher, Vice World champion Dominic Paris, Olympic champion and three-times World Champion Stephan Eberharter, double Olympic gold medalist and World Champion Petra Kronberger, double World Champion Michael von Grüningen, Olympic Champion Fritz Strobl, Paralympics 2x silver Medalist Matthias Lanzinger, Olympic champion and World Champion Andreas Linger , former top athletes such as Ingrid Salvenmoser, Daniel Mahrer, Mitja Valencic and Christian Mayer, the two-times deep powder snow World Champion Daniela Schuster , the Freerideskiers Birgit Ertl and Tine Huber, and numerous national , international journalists and numerous amateur skiers.

KlGruppeThe WST is performed as a blind test. All skis are tapped with black foil and equipped with a rental binding - so that no tester knows what brand he is testing. The test is performed on a sealed-off area on the Test Track - the so-called changing station - the bindings are exclusively adjusted from a neutral WorldSkitest service team. Each ski is tested only once. After each trip, -on a closed track specially for WST testers - an evaluation form has to be filled out, the following criteria are rated on a scale between 1 and 10: Long turn, short turn, edge grip, maneuverability and general effort. From all test sheets, an average is calculated which results to the final rating at the end of the test.

Due to the black tapped skis, the selected and eclectic mix of testers with different skills, requirements and the great variety of ski models the WorldSkitest is very meaningful.


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